Verifying the Validity of the Forging Process and Improving the Die Life with CAE


The Three Things We are Able to Do with Cold Forging Analysis

  1. Shortening the process of trial and error.
  2. Overcoming the trial and error method.
  3. Trying out a new form.

With our forging analysis system based on process drawings and organization charts, we can provide a virtual forging plan to carry out the manufacturing in the best way possible. We will design a wear-resistant die structure with careful process design by analyzing the stress in each parts, fiber flow, internal stress, forging stress, and temperature distribution.

Software in Use

COLDFORM by Transvalor

Manufacturing with Experience and Digital Data

Experience and Digital Data

We can visualize the state of complex parts and curved dies by collating the collected 3-D form data. This allows us to take the manufacturing into swift and accurate action while adopting the data from our experiences. It also enables us to archive the data which helps us to observe and analyze the products in time order.

We accept outsourcing analyses.

12,560JPY per analysis. *Including CAD modeling and documentation.

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